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We Are Indigo. For more than 6.000 years people know indigo dyeing. Until the invention of synthesis of indigo in the 19th century, which was honored with a Nobel Price,  it was an exclusive dyestuff for the rich and priviledged. Synthesised indigo is the only textile dyestuff which is a copy of nature, combining lowest impurities and highest tinctorial strength, making indigo dyed textiles affordable for everybody. Compared to other textile dyes indigo is the most efficient and economical dye with unique features. Our love and passion for indigo and denim drives all our activities, developing best and sustainable indigo dyeing solutions.


BluConnection is rooted in reality, reflecting on and adapting to the ever-changing environment. We conclude based on facts and the best knowledge attainable. We are an independent company and we express our opinion if we recognize business interests within the industry that disregard business ethics, failing people and the environment. If you are interested in our opinion or news on current events and trends within the denim and fashion industry, click here or contact us.


'Moving Ahead' outlines our commitment to transparency and traceability. With the launch of our QR codes, we enable our customers and consumers to access information regarding DenimBlu30's supply chain. As the denim industry has been perceived as opaque in the past, it has been subject to significant criticism. Our goal is to provide transparent and traceable information about our products and operations to customers and consumers.



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is the quality of being trustworthy or performing consistently well



is about topics, facts, figures



is the ability to verify the history, location or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification



is the quality of being honest and having moral principles and values



is the quality of being clear and easy to understand



is openness, communication and accountability




BluConnection provides customised tracking and tracing information.


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