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bluconnection information august 15, 2018 | update from information may 14, 2018



indigo powder/

granular and denimblu30 average price development

for customers, retailers and to whom it may concern



bluconnection opinion and outlook 2018


  • temporary shutdowns of indigo suppliers continued and supply remains tight.
  • since may, prices have increased more than expected. they are still relatively higher than known price changes in raw material and environmental related cost.
  • for the fourth quarter 2018 product availability is expected to improve. prices should stabilize on high level.
  • considering our indigo production experience and based on present known raw material prices and cost for environment, safety and health, a price level around 6.50 usd/kg for indigo granular should be envisaged by the indigo and denim community.
  • present reality indicates price levels of 8.00 to 8.50 usd/kg until year end.



jan 2016 - dec 2018*- trend

*index, actual prices may vary from country to country






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