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bluconnection information | february 09, 2023  Our Contribution to Denim Sustainability – BluConnection 2023 Dear Partners, Friends and To Whom It May Concern,In the Chinese calendar, the year of the rabbit is one of hope. We wish you and your families good health, happiness and success in 2023.




We would like to introduce you to our new „green“ factory in Singapore, which was inaugurated in October 2022. This is a highly advanced Hydrogenation facility for pre-reduced Indigo. Our state of the art purification enables us to produce a high quality pre-reduced Indigo with the lowest aniline contents, required by our customers and retailers. Our new factory is also a zero discharge operation, like our production that began operations in 2010, when it was the first of its kind. Our responsibility for our people and our planet is always at the forefront of our minds, therefore we transformed a Singapore standard factory into a high-tech green oasis, where our team can work and excel under outstanding conditions. Our factory includes:•A site that values the natural environment, equipped with a solar roof, rainwater recovery systems garden with a gazebo, and Singapore’s first butterfly wall that attracts 36 diverse butterfly species.•3 automated production lines and 24/7 capability for utmost flexibility.•Sufficient capacity to meet any market demand. Please find below a link to a short video clip of our Hightech, “green factory”. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit us in 2023 and meet our team!

Starting into the new year, we have three different DenimBlu products …

Pre-reduced Indigo 30%•Our original product since the beginning of BluConnection in 2010•The aniline content is defined by Indigo raw material and usually is +- 1000ppm Pre-reduced Indigo 36%•Our new product that is 20% stronger than DenimBlu30•Aniline content < 500ppm•AR = Aniline reduced Pre-reduced Indigo 36%•Our other new product that is also 20% stronger than DenimBlu30•Aniline content < 100ppm•ARX = Aniline reduced extra 

… and BluWit, a new reducing agent.


Organic reducing agent•Made from nature, salt free, non-toxic, odourless, easy handlingDark shades with progressive washdown and contrast can be achievedHigh soluble formulation with no dye bath overflow and stable in solutionSignificant improvement for dyeing and waste water, 100% biodegradable ___________ BluWit is replacing Hydrosulphite as a reducing agent. In comparison to any other known Hydrosulphite alternatives offered in the market, we consider BluWit as the ONLY alternative reducing agent providing real denim with authentic washing effect, indispensable for upscale brands, retailers, denim mills and consumers wishing for sustainably produced quality denim. The first hydrosulphite-free authentic Indigo-dyed Denim.

If all Denim would be dyed globally with DenimBlu and BluWit a minimum of 70.000 tons/year of inorganic, toxic Hydrosulfite could be replaced by a natural product.



If you have further questions  about one of the above  products or topics, please do reach out. With best regards,Peter Zinser











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