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benefits using DenimBlu36 AR|ARX


• meeting all QEHS requirements

• DenimBlu36 AR eco passport approved (aniline content < 500ppm)

• DenimBlu36 ARX eco passport approved (aniline content < 100ppm)

• remarkable savings in indigo, hydrosulfite and caustic soda.

• more fabric up to standard – less off-shade fabric – reduced number of shade groups.

• elimination of dyebath overflow. savings in wash water.

• precise and easy application of a standardized product. no stock vat preparation.

• improved industrial hygiene and safety. no dust and no contact of workers with the product.

• reduction of the salt load in the process.

• reduction of sludge formation in the waste water treatment plant.

• reduced labour cost.

• option to dye deeper shades.









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download safety data sheet (SDS)












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