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bluconnection  information | june 23, 2020



retraction of our

previous articles

dated 11 june 2019 and

5 december 2019



We communicate to you because we have been approached by the Archroma company group demanding that our articles CREATIVE MARKETING VS *FAKE MARKETING dated 11 June 2019 and GET REAL! FOR CUSTOMERS, RETAILERS AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN dated 5 December 2019 (collectively, the “Articles”) be withdrawn.

Having considered Archroma’s demands, we have taken the decision to unreservedly retract the Articles and apologise to Archroma. Our Articles were never intended to be written with malicious intent and were meant to put across our views and findings as regards products we have found in the market at the material time. We affirm that we view Archroma, both as a major and well respected player in the market.


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