BluConnection was founded in December 2009 in Singapore by Peter Zinser, Alexander Bock and Andreas Mendel. We have years of experience within the textile industry and share a passion for indigo and denim. BluConnection’s mission statement ‘people.passion.projects.’ reflects our business principles and values. We are a people-oriented company that believes in people’s passions, working as a team to pursue our company's goals. BluConnection specialises in the production and distribution of pre-reduced liquid indigo. Our DenimBlu30 is an advanced and sustainable option to dye blue denim. We believe in continuously improving the efficiency and sustainability of our products and practices. We stand for a safe and fair work environment and we strive to provide our customers with exceptional products, services, and care.



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We offer consultation for the optimisation of dyeing processes, development of denim styles, and assist clients in choosing the appropriate equipment for process control and methods for analysis.



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Our products for denim meet the international requirements of denim mills, retailers and consumers.






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Our tailor-made BluConnect devices represent latest high-quality engineering and components for storage and dosing equipment, with five years of warranty.




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BluConnection stands for social and environmentally sustainable practices. We are committed to continuously improve our operations and processes. BluConnection adheres and goes beyond the health and safety, environment and quality requirements set by international standards and the denim industry.


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460 alexandra road

mTower #25-06A

singapore 119963

tel: +65 6258 6035



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