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in order to clarify uncertainty in the market we would like to follow up from our previous information (bluconnection information 08 june 2018 on our website)



in all marketed indigo products worldwide we find aniline - in indigo powder, granules,  pre-reduced liquid indigo and  indigo paste.

an asterix might be a creative idea but doesn’t make indigo aniline free.



even in *aniline free marketed pre-reduced liquid indigo we find aniline.


(results from test report STATS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Reference CHEM - 190425 from 27/05/2019)





bluconnection experienced that standard testing methods to detect aniline show varying results (up to 56%). depending on the testing lab, aniline content may vary with values up to 8000ppm.

pre-reduced liquid indigo aniline content varies between 50 - 1500ppm, typically 200 - 1000ppm. indigo powder or indigo granules vary between 1500 - 8000ppm.

at any point in the production chain of indigo and denim the original amount of aniline is extracted to the minimum – in the synthesis of indigo, hydrogenation of indigo or application of indigo in the denim mill, right to washing of fabric and garment..





ANILINE HAS NO AFFINITY TO COTTON. therefore, all indigo variations whether powder, granular, paste or pre-reduced liquid indigo can achieve an *ANILINE FREE DENIM.








  • marketing like *aniline free indigo is an attempt to get a competitive edge and does not stop at nothing.
  • *aniline free denim can be achieved through all variations of indigo by any denim mill. this is not an achievement of a particular chemical supplier.
  • this is *fake marketing and is misleading denim mills, brands, retailers and consumers.
  • we refuse irresponsible and *fake marketing. we encourage, support and love creative and informative marketing.





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